About Recipanda

Recipanda offers consultancy in beverage product development. We provide highly innovative and confidential formulations to kickstart your own beverage business.

Recipanda, your trusted partner in beverage product development consulting. Our passion lies in delivering cutting-edge and discreet formulations, empowering you to launch and thrive in the world of beverages.

At Recipanda, we specialize in offering avant-garde solutions for individuals aspiring to venture into the beverage industry. Our commitment is to provide not just formulas but an unparalleled experience that ignites your journey to establish a successful beverage business.

About Recipanda
Recipanda Mission


Empowering emerging beverage entrepreneurs through innovative formulations and steadfast support, elevating their brands to unprecedented success. A free educational source for beverage product development specialists , technologists, and scientists, providing insights on crafting a new product from scratch.

About Me

I’m Ahmed Hosny, an R&D Scientist with a strong passion for exploring the most current trends within the Food & Beverage sector. Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege to craft a wide range of products across diverse categories, such as juices, carbonated soft drinks, dairy, tomato products, jams, and more. 
My aim is to unite my enthusiasm for research and innovation with a profound understanding of consumer preferences, thereby ensuring the development of products that genuinely connect with the market.
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